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Innovation, people management and leadership

Have you ever imagined picking up a coconut water and coming into contact with the history of the life of the person who produced and tended to that fruit on its way to you? This is the traceability proposed by the Bahia-based company Aurantiaca, which aims to redefine the entire coconut chain.


Arrival of the coconut industry promotes social development in Bahia

In addition to fostering the improved productivity of coconut plantations, partnerships between the company and the Conde town council are helping to keep the children of rural workers in school.

Little Conde, located in the countryside of the state of Bahia, is a town geared to farming and tourism. Most of its inhabitants work on the land producing coconuts and the remainder are employed in hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in the area. Surrounded by splendid beaches and welcoming tourists from all over the world, the development of a coconut production chain has boosted the town´s economy.