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Aurantiaca Group´s agricultural company, Aurantiaca Agrícola, is responsible for the coconut production and is located on the BA-099 highway in the county of Conde.  This region has a lush scenary with beaches, sand dunes, natural lagoons and large areas of preserved Atlantic rainforest 120km from the state capital of Salvador. 

Boasting 6.000 hectares of land along the northern coastline of the state of Bahia, Aurantiaca Agrícola incorporates all our farming properties: Bu, Sao Bento da Barra and Fundao farms, in addition to the environmental nature reserves.


Our model precision agriculture system is designed to increase production capacity and ensure the highest quality possible of the fruit. The planted areas are divided into result units of up to 25 hectares, called Glebas (plots). Each Gleba is assigned to an Arista who are trained and qualified professionals who take full control of their areas, monitor irrigation and fertilization and are accountable for their results. Managerially, the Gleba system incentavates producivity and operationally, enables managers to closely monitor results.

All our coconut trees have a bar code, which the Arista scans with a hand held device to register the number of coconuts harvested. This information is then uploaded into a database to precisely map the total farm production. Precision agriculture allows us to prevent waste and avoid poor use of resources, in addition to providing live records for comparisons so we can guarantee full traceability to our customers and consumers.

Our irrigation system also lends to precision agriculture, where each plant is individually and uniquely irrigated according to its needs with computerized pump activation. Each irrigation activity records the day, time and type of operation.

Aurantiaca Agrícola´s production target is to meet 70% of the demand of Frysk Industrial.

Land preservation is just as important to us as production. Our land includes: forest, sandbanks, mangrove swamps and lakes. Our project aims to preserve and expand this natural treasure and to benefit the local wildlife.


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