Aurantiaca Group initiated its activities in 2006 in the state of Bahia with the acquisition of coconut farm plantations Bu and Sao Bento da Barra between Esplanada and Conde on highway BA-099.

The group was founded with the two goals: to redefine the entire coconut chain by being the leading producer and innovator in the coconut farming sector and develop a culture of operational excellence as a means of guaranteeing the management of resources in a responsible, sustainable and profitable manner. This is something never done before in Brazil.

The project began with Aurantiaca Agrícola, the Group´s agricultural company aimed to increase the production capacity of the coconut trees and quality of the fruits by means of investments in irrigation technology, traceability and phytosanitary monitoring. Aurantiaca Agrícola lends incentives to the local community as a means of guaranteeing skilled labor in an environment of respect for human and natural resources.

The Group created the industrial company, Frysk Industrial, with the aim to process 100% of the coconut, from the fiberious husk of the dry coconut to the water from the green coconut and all the by-products inbetween. Frysk´s brand names represent quality and sustainaility.

Frysk Industrial lies 25 km from the group´s farms, which ensures the supply of low-cost raw materials at all times.

Frysk´s fiber operations are in full swing with the manufacuturing of 100% biodegradable erosion control matting, used in bioengineering, agribusiness and the automobile industry. Fibraztech is Frysk´s fibers brand.

Paulo Henrique Deiró
We believe that serving the environment and investing in education contributes to the sustabilable development of the commmunities we influence.
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